November 13, 2011

Super Mario Bros 40th Birthday!

My wonderful husband turned the big 40 this year. When I asked what theme he wanted for our small family gathering, he said video game. So, I racked my brain for ideas, Gears of War, too violent. Finally it hit! Super Mario Bros! What fun would that be to design a party surrounding that theme. I went crazy with ideas and I think everything turned out well. Here are a few pics of the items I made special for my man.

It all started with the invite...

{Mushroom invite-view 1}

{Mushroom invite-view 2}

{40up Banner}

{40up Banner-view 1}

{40up Banner-view 2}

{? boxes hanging from the ceiling}

{Cloud with gold coins & Bullet Bill}

{Piranha plants in pipes}

{Mario moustaches}

{Piranha plant terrarium}

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