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My new obsession is with photography. In college I took one class with my old school film camera and didn't find joy in the hours spent in the dark room trying to get the chemicals and exposures right. Fast forward to now. I quit my job as Preschool teacher (It was a phase in career I would rather not discuss) and my husband hands me his Nikon D80 to play with. In my mind I wasn't so sure that I would pick it up, or that I would get frustrated with it, but it didn't happen. Perhaps after years of being a designer and experience I gained in the digital age, things changed for me. I found the joy. In particular with photographing kids and babies. The result have actually been surprising! Who knew I had it in me. As with being a seasoned designer, who it still learning new things, I am now adding photographer to my credentials.  I am super excited to learn everything there is to know about photography.

So, this page will be dedicated to the inspiration I find all around me. Like most creatives these days, I find a LOT on Pinterest. I will continue to search the Internet and other resources around me for beautiful images! With that, here is my first inspiration theme.

My Inspiration Theme: Playing with Balloons

This lovely image comes from the cute website, that features cute party supplies! There is just something about the round balloons that I am loving this year and of course the super cute outfit the model is wearing. The thing that makes me love this one so much is the colors and tones of the image. Really makes me want to do a shoot with balloons, so fun!

Here is a super cute image from one of my favorite party sites Kara's Party Ideas,  Not only does this site have great party inspiration, but the images aren't bad either. I love the way the colors pop and make it so bright and cheerful!

Unfortunately, I could not find the source for this lovely image, I pinned it on Pinterest.  Whomever created it gets a tip of the hat from me. Though it is very similar to the picture above, I still find it very charming. It is a softer take on the same theme above. The chair is well, who doesn't love that chair?! Adorable is all can say.

Another big girl having some balloon fun! This was another one that I found on Pinterest and fell in love with! This is why round balloons are just so much more fun than the standard ones! Thank goodness this one had a link! . It has bold, sharp look that also appeals to my taste. Lovely.

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