December 7, 2013

How time flies!

Wow! Life got a little busy over here! My older son started Kindergarten last year and on his first day I found out I was pregnant! With all of that craziness, my blog took the back seat. Who knew my little peanut would zap all my creative juice and energy while he was in the oven. I do have to admit my focus was more on my health and exercising, not on my creative work. Yes, I was that crazy pregnant woman at the gym. Yes, I did get a lot of strange looks while hitting the weights. I assure you it was all done safely and under the watchful eye of my fabulous doctor. Happy healthy mommy, see!

{After a workout -6months}

{Hike up Jay Peak-2 months}

Our little peanut arrived safely, three weeks early, on St. Patricks Day! As if a new baby was not enough for me. My mom had a stroke after the baby was just few weeks old. All is good and she is recovering beautifully. Still not enough craziness! I took all the boys, hubby included, on their first camping trip when peanut was 4 months old. They all loved it and did great! Still my plate just not full enough for my liking, so we rescued an 8 year old dog. Lily is a fabulous, gentle dog and she fits in perfectly with our family. Then throw in a few staycations, older son starting 1st grade and a Sweet Sixteen party for my niece. As you can see, life here has been a little nuts. I am determined to focus on the stuff I love to do. Mommy needs to do her own stuff too and the time has come!

{Sweet little peanut}

Happy surprise arrived the other night. For an early Christmas present, my hubby bought a computer from one of my fabulous friends and gave it to me early! He kept taking my old computer for his super cool new business, Check it out, and I could never do anything while he was away with it. I was getting jealous of their affair. So, we are going to start fresh! You might find that I have added a new section on my fitness journey, as well. I'm at a crossroad, do I continue to focus on my creative projects or go "balls out" with my fitness/health journey. Guess we'll just have to see what happens. Thanks for stopping by!
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