February 7, 2012

My Birthday Goodies

This year for my birthday I decided to help my hubby out, or so I thought.  He allowed me to design my own invite, centerpieces and favors. I was led to believe that we would be celebrating at my favorite mexican restaurant with a few close friends. So, my theme of course was Day of the Dead! I happily illustrated my own little man and woman skulls to go on everything. Behind my back and with much help from my tricky friends, he planned a whole other event. Thank goodness all my work was not wasted...he used most everything. Here are some of my projects that I did!


{Skulls on sticks}

The centerpieces were constructed from Starbucks glass bottles, colorful yarn, paper flowers and custom skulls on dowels. I used Mod Podge to glue the yarn to the glass bottles. It was easy and the end results are super cute!


{Yummy chocolate skulls}

{Finished Favor}
I found these wonderful molds at this local Boutique that specializes in Mexican artwork and wears.  They can be used for either sugar skulls or chocolate! I used mine for chocolate and add a little cinnamon to spice chocolate wafers up. The next time I use these molds will be for sugar skulls! The envelope is just butcher paper cute with pinking shears and glued on the sides.


For the invite I popped the skull out to add dimension! Simple and fun!

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